For the past three quarters, there has been a confirmation of replenishing the stocks of houses for sale, while the number of transactions has decreased in the first two quarters of the year compared to the same quarters in previous years. 

This new situation is a result of a significant increase in value for 2022, which strengthens the position of buyers, leading sellers to adjust their prices based on this new competition. 

The segment of houses priced above 10 million euros is affected by this new trend, with twice as many villas entering the market compared to the number of transactions in the last three quarters. The segment ranging from 7 to 10 million euros is particularly affected, with five times more arrivals than transactions.

The segment of 5 to 7 million euros is less affected, with twice as many goods arriving as those sold in the past three quarters. The segment of 2.5 to 7 million euros is slightly more affected by this phenomenon.

However, for goods valued below 2.5 million euros (representing one-third of transactions on the island), the activity remains strong due to domestic demand and a significant number of goods entering the market. This segment remains balanced to this day.

The expected economic slowdown in Europe and the USA will further intensify this phenomenon in 2023/2024.

In the context of the scarcity of goods for sale in 2022, 38% of goods are overvalued, while only 7% are undervalued.

This overvaluation particularly affects non-buildable lands in green areas and some apartments in St Jean, where owners have neglected the management after the hurricane Irma.

For villas valued above 10 million euros, this overvaluation anticipates the scarcity of new construction permits.

For apartments valued below 2.5 million euros, these overvaluations hinder transactions, but the increasing number of available products in this segment makes it easier for buyers to find a suitable property.

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